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All started along 2008, a group of young that saw how independentist fight was not in streets, that saw left-wing independentist direct action abandoned in our motherland, then we started to organize us and in december 2008 it was founded our first assembly, we founded Inekaren.

Inekaren's name is in memory of first canarian fighters, first fighters against colonialism and imperialism in Canary Islands, "raise up men", Inekaren.

Along time we have been improving our political line, althought we born as a direct action organization we have been developing our own ideology line deepening in socialism and anti-colonialists fights.

We are an independent organization and we jealously defend our organization's political independence for no external elements interfere in our decisions making.

We specially attend to militant's formation, that we think that through culture and intelectual formation we can the gain the liberation's first phase, personal liberty, freedom of concience. We defined as revolutionaries where independentism and socialism are our pillars. We want a doble revolution, national liberation and social liberation. To end up with that caciquil and corrupt system incrusted in the most deep of canarian society with his origin in the european conquest.


What we do?

Now we effort in raise up the formation of out militants and we make cultural events, political events, speaking, discussions, presentations, fanzines, radio programs...

We want transmit all that revolutionary political experience to our towns and neighbourhoods, child and old, to create a democratic society, a participative society, a solidary society, a sustainable society, we want build up socialism.

We don't want to participate in colonial and capitalist system's institutions, we want to participate directly with our people. Work with them and for them.

We want…

- Freedom for our people, the sovereign right that all people have.
- A sustainable develop for our land.
- Full employement for our people.
- A free education, canary and not manipulated by colonialism and capitalism and a no mercantilist education.
- A free and dignified public medical system and no mercantilist.
- Make public all basic economic sectors that improve social welfare and don't speculate and privatize them to make social welfare a business. (like water, energy, healthcare, education...)
- Defend interests and rights of working class.
- To defeat colonial and bourgeois elite that support actual social scheme since more than 5 centuries.
- Defend canarian culture to recover the memory and knowledge of our people and halt the spread of capitalist globalization and spanishism.
- DIGNITY for our people.
- A participative system, a just and equal society..

We want an INDEPENDENT AND SOCIALIST Canary Islands!


WE ARE NOT a political party. Inekaren is defined as aelectoral organization, we have no interest in participe in any electoral process of a bourgeois democracy like spanish one that is anti-democratic in origin whit d'Hont law and double anti-democratic in canary islands with the "Canarian electoral law".

WE ARE NOT a friend's club. Relationship between Inekaren's comrades are based in our revolutionary principles, in our common political objetives and a firmly compromise to build up revolution. Although we appreciate cordiality and friendship between comrades, are not personal affinities the foundation of Inekaren's militancy.

WE ARE NOT a religion. Like a revolutionary and left-wing organization, discussion is pillar of our decisions making, independent of the organ, discussion and consensus between militants is the mechanism for our decisions making, added to personal effort and collective to grow up our intelectual formation.



We are a vanguard organization. Formation is a constant in our members.
There are not revolutionary praxis whitout revolutionary theory 
To realize our ideas we make a lot of activities like concerts, discussions, speaking, cultural acts, political events, sport events and whatever activity...
The assembly is our government's organ, everybody have voice and vote. We fight for sovereign of canarian people. We fight for a free and socialist Canary islands.



Cause we fight for the universal principle that every people have right to be free, and canary people too. Cause we want dignity for our people.


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We are left-wing, we fight for the rights of working class like a dignity work, education, healthcare, transport public and with quality, for a equal and participative political system.


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Like is logic for a socialist, we reject capitalist system for predator and unequal.


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Like is logic for a socialist too, we reject any form of discriminations between persons, sex and class.

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Cause we defend our unique flora and fauna, as then our landscapes, our natural enviroment and we want a sustainable develop for our motherland.


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Cause we think that is the best way for fight against capitalist globalization, no identity peoples are puppet peoples for capital and foreign interests. We defend our culture as a resistance way and we thing that is necessary to defend our cultural legacy specially our precolonial culture, our amazigh legacy. That have been historically margined after spanish conquest, being threatened with the total disappearance in few generations. We think that teaching canarian history since an objetive and scientific point of view and unmanipulated by spanish institutions, it will grown up our identity as people and a more reivindicative concience.


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Cause we defend our amazigh roots and his pervivence in our people and his culture and traditions. We participate and we defend amazigh movement that fight againts arab our european imperialism in North Africa.